All Regular Employees of the TW Union office and TW Pension Plan office who actively participate in the TW Pension Plan automatically become participants of the TW LTD Plan.

TELUS employees who were disabled prior to January 1, 2006 and in receipt of Long Term Disability benefits continue to be a participant of the LTD Plan until the expiration date of their beneifts.


The Plan is funded by Employer Contributions. The Board of Trustees sets the rate on the advice of the actuary.

Eligibility for Benefits

If you are a Participant and you are off work for six consecutive months AND qualify for a disability benefit from the Canada/Quebec Pension Plan, you may be entitled to a disability benefit from the Telecommunication Workers LTD Plan.

Application for Benefits

An application for Benefits will be sent to a Participant upon receipt of a Notice of Entitlement from CPP/QPP.

Amount of Benefit

The amount of your disability benefit will be equal To 75% of your rate of Annual Earnings at your date of disability, less the following annual Amounts:
Contributors disability benefit payable from the Canada/Quebec Pension Plan (Dependent children’s benefit are not deducted in calculating a disability benefit);
Any other government disability scheme or program to which the Employer contributes;
Any other government disability scheme or program to which the Employer contributes;

For Example:
Assume monthly earnings $4,000
75% x $4,000= $3,000
less CPP Disability Benefit -$971
Total LTD Benefit $2,029

The LTD Benefit is a taxable benefit and is paid monthly up to the earliest of:
The date you cease to be totally and permanently disabled;
The date that entitlement to any disability benefits under the CPP/QPP ceases;
The end of the month in which death occurs;
The date you attain 65
The end of the month in which a Participant voluntarily elects to terminate his/her employment
The date you attain age 60 or the date you complete 25 Years of Service, whichever date is later.

Third Party Settlements

A Participant may be entitled to a Third Party settlement if their disability is caused by injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident or another type of accident caused by the fault of some other person.

It shall be the duty and obligation of a Participant whose disability is caused by or attributable to a Third Party, to do everything-necessary to effect a Settlement so that payment may be made to the Trustees out of the Net Compensation.The LTD Plan does not provide for disability benefits during any period of disability for which a third party is responsible. However, the LTD Trustees provide disability loan payments to Participants pending settlement of the action against the third party responsible.

Participants who receive a Third Party Settlement are required to provide notice to the LTD Plan along with the details once the Settlement is reached. This information is required in order to perform the necessary calculations to determine the amount of the Plan debt.

Participants are required to reimburse the LTD Plan the Plan debt (disability loan) immediately upon receipt of notification of the amount owing.